Matching excel data and write to webpage

Hii @SaranyaKishore, @rajeshprabhu_gp,

there is a webpage from which i have extracted data and stored it as Extractdatatable of datatype variable. its third column “name” header values have to be matched with an excel sheet that contains same values under column “header1” and if the match happens then from the excel sheet they have to written in webpage text field.
Please find attached excels.
Wht i am doing is
Read both the excels
then used foreach row in Extractdatatable
if dt1.rows(0)=extractdatatable.rows(3)
then write range is used whether correct values are being written or not.
But my BOT is not able to perform correct matching
Please help…its urgent…User1.xlsx (7.9 KB)
User2.xlsx (8.0 KB)

Hi @somya177,

When iterating through the extracted datatable (for each “row”), you can directly select a column from the other table by using this syntax:
The output will be the Array of Data Rows, but if it will only find one result, you can directly access it this way:

Naturally, some error checking should also be implemented, like an IF statement that checks if there are any values at all:
(this returns a boolean, True if any results are found, False if none)

I hope it helps a bit. I tried to match your Excel files with the indexes in the above mentioned code, I hope I got it right.


Can u provide the workflow u have created??

See attached xaml :slight_smile:

SnippetFindingRows.xaml (7.6 KB)

it didn’t give any output in log message to me…

I tested it again and for me it works as it should. This is the expected result:

Does it throw any errors?