Excel Activity2

Suppose in Excel file 1000 of record the how update status for specific employee like I want to update the salary of babita and Raj by increment by 10% in current salary.

Hi @Babita_Shinde

You can use the following query in the Invoke Code activity to achieve the result:

row("updatedSalary") = if(row("Name").ToString.Trim.Equals("Babita") OR row("Name").ToString.Trim.Equals("Raj"),(CDbl(row("currentSalary").ToString))*110/100,row("currentSalary").ToString)
End Sub)

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Use for each excel row activity and iterate through all the rows in the excel file. Check the Name column which contains Babita or Raj in If condition by using “If” activity. In else use the “Find/Replace value” activity to replace the value with increment of 10% in the Salary column.

I hope it will helpful for you!!

I dont want to go by row because if there 1000 of record then it will take time. any other solution

ok, Let me try