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I have been trying more than 10 excel activities in 1 excel process scope. For example, delete column, add column, filter,… etc in 1 excel using excel application activity.
but i am getting below error at different steps… sometimes i get this error and sometimes i dont get… Please provide me the solution to solve this error permanently .

Error :
COM object that has been separated from its underlying RCW cannot be used. The COM object was released while it was still in use on another thread


Try to downgrade / Upgrade the Excel package and check

Hope this may help you


hi @Purva

is the excel add-in installed from uipath?


Hope this can help you

Hi Im using Excel activity package
so how can i convert into datatable ?

I tried… I updated the excel package. still having same issue.

Yes right … Using Uipath Excel activity package

Sometime it works but sometimes it gives me an error.


When you are using excel file for multiple times in short span of time within the process then there are two ways to handle this

  1. Use workbook activities instead of excel application scope and other excel activities

Search as workbook and you can see same set of excel activities which actually doesn’t rely on excel application which is why you get this error on being used frequently along the process

  1. Or use multiple delay Activity and KILL PROCESS activity with ProcessName property as”Excel”

Use this kill process between each excel application scope activity

If it just one excel scope and has multiple other activities inside that scope then use delay activity between each of them with timestamp of around 00:00:05

This will avoid sudden usage of application and reduce the error occurrence

Cheers @Purva


Thank you So much… i added delay between some steps in 1 excel application and also between 2 different excel application. It is working now.

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Glad it got resolved @Purva

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