Com object has been separated from its underlying RCW

Hi @Forum_Staff
I am using v2.10.4 of the package UiPath.Excel.Activities and am getting this error (com object has been separated from its underlying RCW) at a “use excel” activity. Is there another way to fix this?
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Please clarify whether it is for studio or studioX

If it is for studio then try with workbook activities instead of excel based activities

Search as a workbook in activity panel and use the activities under it
These activities doesn’t need excel to be installed

Cheers @Adi3

Hey @Palaniyappan

I am using Studio Pro 2021.4.4. I need to format cells to date and time and change the textcolor. Both activities are only available within an use excel activity.

A manual workaround would be possible but if there is a more reliable alternative, I would like to avoid using it.

Also worth noting, there are two use excel activities in my workflow. The error only ever occurs on the second one.

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I started running into this error recently in an automation in which I upgraded UiPath.Excel.Activities from 2.9.5 to 2.11.4. The code in my case had two different loops on an Excel sheet to delete tabs that were not needed for specific users to whom the final Excel sheets were sent. Never had a problem with 2.9.5, but with 2.11.4, Studio recommended I add an Excel Process Scope around the Use Excel file. The second use of the Excel Process Scope/Use Excel file with the loop to delete sheets started randomly erroring out with that COM object error. It seems I am able to workaround the problem by setting the Process Mode option on the Excel Process Scope to “Always Create New”. At least the error has not popped up since I set it that way. Hope that might work for you.

I ended up using a workaround by editing the excel file with a makro. If i ever run into this error again i will try your solution, thank you.