Excel Activities Pack Release: UiPath.Excel.Activities v2.3.6660.23035

UiPath.Excel.Activities v2.3.6660.23035 pack is out!

This pack brings several new features for Excel automation, bug fixes aaaand a brand new activity enabling users to invoke VBA functions for passing macros, called Invoke VBA.

Read the details in the release notes:


In order to get the latest pack version, here is a screenshot that might help:

I am getting Underlying connection was closed while trying to update

Hi there @lawanyaram.
It sounds like your connection might be blocked by a firewall or group policy or otherwise impeded.

Back when the last Excel pack was released @Mr_JDavey answered something which seems identical to your issue, here, so lets use the same approach.
Im attaching a .zip file with the new Excel Activity, which you need to unpack in your local UiPath installation paths Activities folder.
That is to say something along the lines of: “C:\Users\ciprian\AppData\Local\UiPath\Activities” (like in my case).
You can also try to find the folder in question by pasting: %localappdata%\UiPath\Activities in your Windows Explorer address bar.
Please be mindful to the fact that the installation location might be different depending on your version.

UiPath.Excel.Activities.2.3.6660.23035.zip (255.7 KB)