Excel Activities Pack Release: UiPath.Excel.Activities v2.3.6660.23035

UiPath.Excel.Activities v2.3.6660.23035 pack is out!

This pack brings several new features for Excel automation, bug fixes aaaand a brand new activity enabling users to invoke VBA functions for passing macros, called Invoke VBA.

Read the details in the release notes:


In order to get the latest pack version, here is a screenshot that might help:

I am getting Underlying connection was closed while trying to update

Hi there @lawanyaram.
It sounds like your connection might be blocked by a firewall or group policy or otherwise impeded.

Back when the last Excel pack was released @Mr_JDavey answered something which seems identical to your issue, here, so lets use the same approach.
Im attaching a .zip file with the new Excel Activity, which you need to unpack in your local UiPath installation paths Activities folder.
That is to say something along the lines of: “C:\Users\ciprian\AppData\Local\UiPath\Activities” (like in my case).
You can also try to find the folder in question by pasting: %localappdata%\UiPath\Activities in your Windows Explorer address bar.
Please be mindful to the fact that the installation location might be different depending on your version.

UiPath.Excel.Activities.2.3.6660.23035.zip (255.7 KB)


I have UiPath Studio vrs 2023.12.0 and I try to use UiPath.Exel.Activities but can’t find it or not able to update it in Activities where I can find only Favorites, Recent, Installed and Available and can not find Update -possibility. What to do?

UiPath.Excel.Activities: How can I create a new Excel file (using what commands/tools) from a 1000-row Excel, where one column contains dates, asking the user, ‘From what date onwards should rows be processed?’ > a new Excel is needed from the date provided by the user onwards, with the next 20 rows. The new Excel should have the same header row and an additional column ‘Account Number’.