Getting Error while installing Excel Activities

Hello, I am using Community edition and trying to install Excel Activities but i am getting error as"The underlying connection was closed:An unexpected error occured on a send", even i have re-installed studio but no luck. Please help me.

Hi there @Chaithanya,
It is possible your connection is being blocked via a firewall, or group-policy setting.

I’ve attached the Excel Activities as a ZIP, you can install them manually by placing them within the “Activities” folder of your UiPath installation.

For example, mine is within:

Though, this will likely depend on your version (Pro/Community), as well as your install location. (229.4 KB)

Thanks Davey for your quick response, I have cleared all the temp files, restarted and reinstalled ui path studio then I was able to install excel activities successfully.

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Hi Davey,I need some directions on extracting text from scanned images which are all stored in PDF. The structure of the images are all same and I am trying to extract specific information from PDF like name, father name, sex…into Excel format. By using scrap relative i can retrieve the information of specific area in the subsequent pages, but i need to fetch the information of all the users of the pdf document. Please let me know your thoughts. i am attaching sample pdf for ref.AC1600111.pdf (1.4 MB)