Excel Activities missed

Hi All,

Please note, as installed the Uipath by using by Gmail ID under Community Edition but i didn’t get all at activities for example “Excel activities” as i haven’t seen related to that like “Excel Application Scope”,“Read Range”,“write Range” etc., as it is very important to execute any programs.

Request you please help me out on this as earliest i need it very urgent.

Thank you

Please install/update all the packages in Packages section

Hi vvaidya,

Thank you so much for your help !!!

Kindly all packages are already installed but don’t know how the excel activities are missed.

Note : There is option like “Auto Update” please advise me as i need to check that box or not.

Thank you

Try this one out.
Navigate to “C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath Studio\Packages” and “%temp%\nuget”, delete all the files/folders in it .Post to that restart your UiPath Studio, and install all the packages again.

I have the same issue: cannot install UiPath.Excel.Activities in UiPath Studio Community.
Not to mention that there is no “UiPath Studio” folder in Program Files, nor Program Files (x86).

which version your using?

Studio 2017.1.6435 solved this issue. From “Manage Packages” I have installed UiPath.Excel.Activities and UiPath.Mail.Activities.


I have the same issue, the version I am using is 2018.1.2 also I cannot find the UIPath Studio folder in program files.

anyone have any idea?

I solved it by clicking a hyperlink “No result found. Search Available packages”

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