Excel Activities for Processing and Filtering v1.3

Hi everyone, i’d like to share the NEW version to my custom activity. Feel free to use it and ask any questions

for v1.0,1.1 thread :


v1.3 functions
1. Find column letter of text in row - Returns column letter where the specified string exists in the specified rows.


  1. in_excelPath – excel path
  2. in_rowNumberToSearch – the row number you want to search in
  3. in_SheetName - sheet
  4. in_textToSearch – the text you want to search for


  1. found column Letter

2. Drag formulas in one or more columns - Drag formulas in one or more columns.


  1. in_excelPath- excel path

  2. in_sheetName – sheet

  3. in_columnLettersList_String – columns where you want to drag formula e.g. “K,L” means you
    want to drag formulas in column K and L

  4. first formula row – row containing the first formula (robot will use this row and drag to the rows

  5. clearFirst – if TRUE, will clear the old formulas before dragging again

  6. index column Letter – the column that will determine how long to drag the formulas
    a. Example: If index column letter = “F”, then formulas will be dragged to row 15 because
    the last row of column F = 15

    b. if blank, then formula will be dragged to the last row of the whole sheet

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Good one @jack.chan. Thanks for the contribution and share.

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