Data Scrapping through Amazon website


I am using data scraping for amazon website
The scenario is that I am searching for an item on amazon and with the help of search result I am selecting the Item name and item price and URL of the same

Opening browser I have mentioned link : Wrist watch

I have inserted the item name in the link when I am executing the scenario its working fine and pasting all item into csv and then it is getting ended.

Now the problem comes when I try to search another item by editing the link ( : OnePlus 6T) its searches for the new item but giving the same old result which i have used to create the data scraping.

TEST.xaml (9.6 KB)

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Drishti Jalan

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Change the selector in attach browser activity
make it dynamic

or use this

<html app='chrome.exe' title='*' />


Hi Himanshu,

Thanks for your prompt reply.

I changed the selector in attach browser activity as said by you but it didn’t worked. Infact the result file is blank.


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Hey @djalan

In addition to the solution given by @Himanshu.joshi the problem over here seems to be of Data Extraction.

The two URL’s you specified has data in different formats. Same Data Scraping will not work for different data format.

@Himanshu.joshi let me know if i am right.


Hi @chandu4712

Could you please elaborate about the data in different formats and what do you mean by your statement “Same Data Scraping will not work for different data format.”

Drishti Jalan

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Hi @djalan

If you see the websites have a different layout, with differents html tags. You will need to chage your “Input” on “ExtractMetadata” to adapt using only de tags are same into 2 websites.

there might be difference between the extracted meta data