Failure running the Amazon Screen scrape example

As I wish to do screen scraping I decided to start with the ‘Example of Data scraping’ (i.e. Amazon) on the page.

I’ve uploaded the example from the page.

So I’m now making sure the provided example works before making my own variations, with the intention of using a different website.

I get the 'Source: Attach browser ‘Amazoncom Page’ ‘Cannot find UI element’ error message.
Note: I’ve added the UIPath add-in to Chrome.

Shame the Forum system won’t let me upload the actual error message.

Recommendations on how to proceed would be very welcome, thanks.

Hi @RobertSprigge

I believe the example already assumes that you have IE open on this page (basically open and search for “volleyball ball”).

In the example, the error you see is because Attach Browser activity cannot find the open browser.

Of, course, thanks. As the example is set up for Internet explorer, as the primary business use browser I assume, I shouldn’t have been surprised it wouldn’t work with Chrome.

In a way, this workflow running only on internet explorer is a feature :slight_smile:
The selector of the Attach Browser activity points to the Internet Explorer and it is an expected behavior for it not to interact with any other browser.
Same goes for selectors of the other activities in the workflow.

I would assume that the example is based on IE as it should simply work out of the box (while for Chrome you would still need to install a plugin).