Events Monitoring Trigger Control

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I need to control trigger order to monitor two random different events. I am using “Element Appear” or “Image Appear”. Both activities work fine, but I cannot find way to select only one trigger for each event and eliminate repetitive triggers from each event.
I need to have a single trigger only when “Event A” or “Event B” happened immediately after one after another. It should be no trigger when “Event A” or “Event B” repeats itself.
Please see illustrations below.
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Before the start of the process initialize 2 int variables a and b with 0 value.
After “Appear Event A” place the sequence in if block with condition if a=0. After the trigger Event A assign its value as a=1.
So even if Event A appears again it wont trigger the event A as we have mark a with value 1.
Then whenever the trigger event B happens mark a=0.
Do the same for Appear Event B block as well.
Hope this helps. If it is confusing reply i will try to explain in a better way.

Thank you very much for looking into this problem.
I will try suggested solution let you know.


Nice solution. It is working fine.

Thank you much,

You are welcome Sir!!

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