Evaluate if an object exists without using element exists



I don’t know if it is already possible but I suggest you to analyse the possibility to evaluate existing objects whitout using “Element exists activity”.

For example, I need to wait for a window and nowdays I need to use a do while activity with an element exists.

However, It would be great that I can evaluate the objects directly into the while´s condition

This is the result that the selector gets when I select notepad

and I want to evaluate something like this

while not ((wnd app=‘notepad.exe’ cls=‘Notepad’ title=‘Sin título: Bloc de notas’).exists or (wnd app=‘notepad.exe’ cls=‘Notepad’ title='Sin título: Bloc de notas).Visible)




We have this feature already. You can use ‘On Element Appear’ event;
Also, you have ‘On Element Vanish’ as well.


Tejus V


In the while loop, you can use two Element Exists for the 2 elements that you want to check,
and set the While condition to (element1 AND element2).

Wouldn’t that work for you?