What is good checking aside from element exists with if statement?

This is what I usually do , I check for an element using element exists and if exists that is where I put the next process and then so on and if no element I just log a message .

Is this a good implementation , is there a better way compared to this ?. Thank you guys

Hi @AhmedKutraphali,

Yes, there’s nothing bad about using Element Exist Activity every time & there are other activities you can use too like On Element Appear/Vanish, Wait Element Vanish, Find Image, Image Exist you can use anyone based on the scenarios.


Is it also good idea to nest calling of workflows , like for example on the screenshot below , I call and invoke workflow test and inside the workflow test there is element exists checking condition and inside if I call another workflow and son. Thanks.

If it’s part of your process then it’s completely fine

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