Establishing PRD/NPRD/DEV Environments

I am currently building out an RPA ecosystem and would like to get an understanding of what I need to reach my desire architecture along with the correct licensing. Below is my ideal enterprise set up:

1 x Orchestator (Production):
* Tenant: Production
* 3 Unattended Bots
1 x Non - Production Orchestator (Non - Production)
* Tenant: Non - Production
* 3 Non- Production Unattended Bots
* 2 Studio
* Tenant: Dev
* 3 Testing Unattended Bots
* 2 Studio

My questions are:

  1. For licensing, is there a difference between an “Orchestator” and a “Non - Production” Orchestator licenses or do people call them that to different the two?
  2. Is there a difference between “Non - Production Unattended Bots”, “Testing Unattended Bots” and “Unattended Bots” or do they all have the same functionally when setting up an Unattended Bot?
  3. For Unattended Bots, can you run more than one job/processes/workflow at a time, or do you have to wait until the job completes until you can run another one?
  4. What other tweaking would you recommend for setting up this RPA ecosystem? Could you also provide links too?


  1. Yes, there is a difference. Non-production is nothing but testing bots we have to take a separate license
  2. No, both are the same
    3.No we can’t but we can schedule so that most of the time we can utilize
    4Try this
    Automation Partner Ecosystem - Definition and Benefits | UiPath

hope it helps

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