ErrorAction.Continue not rethrow into catch

hi all,

i have a problem when the process is ErrorAction.Continue, it should return an error so I can catch to try to catch the block.

but what I get is this process doesn’t go to catch, it just loops back from the beginning to the global handler

and what I was find out that this sequence must be 1 level under try catch so ErrorActionResult can work.
if the sequence is 2 level sequence like below, then ErrorAction.Continue cannot work.

-try catch
–sequence app1
—sequence app menu 1
----activity click (error) → throw to app menu 1 and retry to global handler

[Problem 1]
imagine each sequence needs to be given a try catch block,
how to go the catch if every sequence need to create try catch ?

[Problem 2]
and if i put if condition like this, its also not work to go the catch if we use errorAction.continue,
the upper of sequence literally should try catch block, and cant inside another sequence or condition

[Problem 3]
my second problem is how to rethrow from catch, if once you rethrow, it will be go to global handler and can not out to rethrow the process, and going to infinite loop.

Hi @BillySatrio

Would you mind sharing your Studio version?

Also, a zip file of a sample project would be helpful as well.