Catch block on Try Catch do not work


I have a workflow with a try catch that includes on Try part 2 activities. One of them is read text file.
The issue is that if i launch process with debug mode, process stops on this activity, located within Try catch.

I don´t understand the reason, because i capture the error on catches part as “Exception”, but with not success.

Please, any suggestion?

@alvaro.gonzalez Why run in Debug Mode?

If you press ignore it will continue to the catch block

you mean press Continue…

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Yes i mean Continue. Apologies

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ok, i´ll try with play button instead debug, but i´m not sure that as @william.coulson said, try catch doesn´t work in debug mode…because in same project, i have another try catch that has managed error on try sequence.
Even more,as try catch work, sometimes i didn´t know where was the fail inside that try sequence, and i had to import outside try catch, in order to detect activity who displays that error.

It does work, but in debug mode you will get that message asking you for actions, if you choose Continue then debug mode will go to Catch part of your Try/Catch activity.

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Hi, i have an issue with Try Catch. There was an error encountered for the block statements i have inserted under Try and the Throw in Exception was executed but my program stops running after that. Should the program continue to run after exception? Seeking advice, thanks.

Hi, welcome to the community!
Yes, it should continue with whatever you have after the Try/Catch activity (and/or Finally block).