Try catch activity. How to catch without the expection

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I want to use the try-catch without it stopping in the studio when there is an exception. So basically I do the same operation in the try but change it slightly in the catch to carry out this action if the try fail. It works but studio stops after the expection how do you change it so it doesnt stop.

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Can you verify if your catch is not having throw or rethrow activity

If yes , please remove them.


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I think you are using one try catch and full project is inside it…
put try catch in processing part , for example if you are having 10 transaction…
so any error occurring during processing 1 transaction , it will go to the exception part and again it will start processing the next transaction.

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Yes it does not have throw or rethrow activity.

I put the try catch in the processing part.

Then I would recommend you to put a debugger inside catch and see which activity or segment is throwing the exception.

May be it’s not your try catch and some other part which is breaking…

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Can u pls share screenshot of workflow , and also the screenshot of processing part

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@mukeshkala @syedabidraza. I figured it out. I made a mistake in my program before this sequence. It’s all good. I aprreicate your time

In that case instead of keeping the whole sequence inside the try catch block and if any exception occurs it will go to catch block where it will execute the activities mentioned, we can place the particular activity inside a sequence within try catch block so that if that particular activity or a set of activities inside that sequence if gives us exception it will be handled by catch block and the remaining set of activities next inside the same sequence will get executed without any issues

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Thanks buddy. :slight_smile:

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