How to catch an error, handle it, then throw it to a higher level try/catch?

I have a try/catch for my main sequence, and within this try/catch there are other try/catches. I want to catch an error in the more specific try/catch, log it in a message, then throw it to the main try/catch to handle it again. After I catch the exception and log the message I use throw to try throw the same exception to the main try/catch, but the main try/catch is not catching this exception, how can I achieve this?

I.e. I want to catch, handle and rethrow the exception and then catch it again


In this case, rethrow activity will work.


I tried this and am not getting the result I wanted…

The specific error is logged and rethrown but doesn’t get handled by the next catch.

How do I display the first log message, then throw the exception and handle it with the second log message.



Can you try to turn on ConinueOnException in debug mode OR just run (not debug)?


Thank you very much,

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