Error with REF, GetAppCredentials: out_password empty when passing in invoke activity


I am doing the advanced training in the academy.
I am having the next problem: when I invoke GetAppCredentials activity, I never get the password variable populated.

With NO error throwing by UiPath.

The variables are not duplicated in the scope of my System1_Login xaml
The variables in this file are the correct type: username its string, password its ScureString

I have made this test: set a MessageBox in GetAppCredentials once it has get the credential from orquestrator, to see the lenght of the out_password argument and it was correct
I did the same operation after the onvike activity, to see the lenght of both local variables: the username variable its ok, but the password variable has a lenght of 0, like it is never been populated.

This is the invoke activity:

This is the arguments in GetAppCredential

This is the Get Credentials activity

This is the variables in System_Login xaml, to see there its no

Everything seems to be OK, but I cant get the password in system login xaml, comming from getappcredentials.

Please help me!
Thank you in advance.

Hi @pcainzos,

Did you check config file?

Hi @pcainzos

Can you please heck if you have entered password in orchestrator. If not then please add password in orchestrator.


What do you mean?

Yes I have entered correctly. In fact, when a get the crendential inside of GetAppCredentials everything its correct. THe problem, its that I can get the password in the main activity system login.

Here you have the credential in my orquestrator