GetAppCredentials.xaml not populating Username and Password

Earlier today GetAppCredentials was working correctly. I ran this process dozens of times today while testing. This afternoon it is not populating the Username and Password variables. In debug mode I can see the values coming for the arguments but the values are not brought into the variables. Has something changed that would affect this? Is there a known work around?


Please check if you have multiple same variable name defined in multiple scope. Also check the same with Argument Vs Variable if same is defined twice.


Hello @jOeyO
Can I take a look at your invoked workflow file getappcredentials’ arguments?


Thanks for the replies. It is odd that is was working fine and now it does not. So I do not think there is a conflict with variable names or scope. I am wondering if there was an update to studio or packages that could have affected this. In fact I have this process published on orchestrator and that process still works fine when triggered as a job from Orchestrator. Attached is a screen shot of the debug session. you can see the values coming back from the Orchestrator Asset but after control is returned to the UiDemo_Login.xaml, also attached … the Username and Password are null.

ScreenShot.pdf (230.4 KB)
UiDemo_Login.xaml (9.9 KB)

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