Error with hotkey when process launch by trigger

Hi everyone,

I have issue with my process when i launch it with orchestrator by trigger, it say cant find mstsc.exe . But when launch in Studio debbug mode or with assistant uipath it work fine.

This error start to appear this month

i try with try catch error but nothing


Add some delay…

when the trigger starts the robot should have some delay to process the trigger…

obviously this will work fine in debug because the delay of the debug mode is more…

Add some delay(2-3 sec) and try it again


i will try to add some delay ( 5sec)

didnt change , still have the same error

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in type into activity there property name called activate make it true


I think it might be better to use StartProcess activity instead of SendHotKey etc., as the following.



the robot is install in TSE and when it is closed or reduce , it seem not to work
@Yoichi @Veera_Raj @THIRU_NANI

it seem it was my version of uipath the problem

thx for the hlp

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