Error while using Google OCR in read pdf content



I’m getting this error while using Google OCR in my workflow.

Can you suggest how to overcome this.

Additionally :



By looking at the screenshot it looks like your trying to scrape pdf by using screen scraping wizard .
I suggest please use **Read PDF Text (**Native PDF) or Read PDF with OCR(Scanned PDF) activity and drop Microsoft or google OCR for better result inside the container…


reg. second screen shot , Yes- I tried to scrape PDF.

But reg. the first one - I have used “Read PDF with OCR” then dropped Google OCR to read.

Then i got the error.


Is it working fine with “Microsoft OCR Engine”.?
Please attach the workflow.


No, Microsoft OCR is not appearing in activities panel. have updated all packages too, Still i did not get Microsoft OCR.


which version of UiPath your using.
MS OCR comes by default for recent version 2016.2.6274
Please refer.