Screen Scrapping using OCR not working

Hi @Pablito

OCR has stopped working (Microsft and Tesseract). It was working fine few days ago. I tried scrapping from Screen Scrapper. Didnt work. What could be the issue? Any suggestions?

Hi @Pankit

What error is showing ? can you please send me your screenshot


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Have you try Get full text?

No, that’s an image

Have you used Google cloud vision ocr?

I am not sure , but I guess there is some issue with Windows updates… I am using Windows Server 2016

Hi @Pankit,
You can try to install UiPath.PDF.Activities package and use Read PDF With OCR activity.

Screen Scrapping was working till now… What do you think could be the reason? Why do you think it stopped working?

It can be many reasons. Update of Adobe Reader, Windows Update as you said, Studio Update (bug?). First thing you can check is to check for any application and system updates from Control Panel -> Add/Remove Software.

for using Google cloud OCR engine - you have to have API. Is not?

Hi @Maryna_Shubna

Check this below link for better understand

Thank you ,

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tried using READ PDF USING OCR. Throwing this error


Seems like there is some problem with OCR activities. i tried using Read PDF with OCR as well… Getting an error : Error waiting for host service.

Any suggestions?

Do you have proper network connection? On your connection I see the warning with exclamation mark. Probably this might be the reason why OCR is not working.

I tried using OCR without an internet connection… It was working… Doesnt look like internet connection is the issue,
Screen Scrapping using OCR is NOT working…

Can you try it ‘with’ internet connection?


Tried…Still NOT working…

@loginerror Any suggestions?

The last thing I could suggest is to re-install Studio. Maybe this will help.

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