Error While launching the Studio

Hi Everyone!
While launching the UiPathStudio getting ‘The installed versions of Studio and Robot do not match. Please restart your machine and try again.’ error. I have restarted laptop multiple time, however studio giving same error.



Hai @GBK… I think u r installing different versions of bot and studio
Download the both with same versions
You can download the latest installer from the Resources page.

@GBK If you already had installed Studio and Bot of the Previous Versions , I suggest you to Uninstall them and then Install the Latest Version.

Studio worked till Tuesday - Today morning when i try to open the studio, it is throwing this error message. I haven’t done any install/uninstall related to studio or uipath.

@GBK Can you Check in your Programs Panel List, If there are two Studios or installer’s available?
If there is no Multiple Studio List present, then Just Uninstall and check if it’s Still present in the Programs Panel, if it does not exist Install the Studio again, This Should Solve it :sweat_smile:

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