ERROR : installed versions of Studio and Robot do not match

While doing RPA developer foundation course , I am facing some issue opening the content in the practice question zip file. While trying to open the file content associated with uipath studio , an error occurs stating that, “The installed versions of Studio and Robot do not match. Please restart your machine and try again.”

Can anyone please help me with this ?

Follow below steps

  1. Check the uipath studio version – For example if studio version is 2020.2
  2. You should connect the UIRobot of same version 2020.2 – Means exact same version of Studio.

You will often get this error if installed version of sutdio and Robot doesn’t match.

@Kriti_Mukhija this happens when there is a mismatch in UiPath studio and robot version. Generally happens when UiPath Community edition is installed having the latest build and not stable build option selected.

Please restart your machine and mostly this issue is resolved, if not then please re-install UiPath and in settings select stable build.

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Hi @Kriti_Mukhija , this error generally occurs when you open any solution developed in previous versions with the latest community edition. To resolve this, you have a look which dependency is creating the issue and install the previous versions and this will resolve all your issues.

@Kriti_Mukhija Please let us know in case machine restart does not help :slight_smile:

None of the above mentioned way outs are helping me with the issue . Same error till occurs.

If restarting doesn’t work… I think you should re-install uipath studio again.


Indeed, please have a look here:
How to fix your Studio installation / Licensing issues