Error when trying ''Click Image Activity'' on windows10 in virtual box

Hi, I gently ask for a help,

I completed a sequence on my UiPath last week that is perfectly working.

Right now since I need to perform the task while using the windows 10 PC, i tought to make in running on a windows 10 64bit on virtual machine.

The problem is that the ‘Click image activity’ does not work properly even tough I tried to adjust more than once. The virtual machine windows 10 is just new installation setup and work just like my main windows 10.

In the picture more details regarding the error.

Does the image look the same on your station and on the VM? Try reducing the area of the image to be clicked.
The screenshot shows that you have selected 2 buttons. Select only 1 button.


first thanks for help.

Unfortunatelly does not matter what I select, for some reason the visual/image recognition abilities does not work on VM so i had success using some offset X and Y in the properties with the Click Activities.

I really wonder what is the problem with the image recognition tough.