Error when reading multiple PDF files

I’m trying to read multiple pdfs and extract the same information from each file. But, when I’m trying to loop through the files, the following error pops up. Could anyone tell me how to overcome that?
Thank you!



Could you please show me how you passed file path in Assign activity and so that we can check and help you.

What is the type of the ListOfPdfs variable?

ListOfPdfs is of the type Array[String].
And the path in the format- Directory.GetFiles(“‪C:\Users\ADMIN\Desktop\InvoicesPDF”, “*.pdf”)

Add an “” after the InvoicesPDF and try
Directory.GetFiles(“‪C:\Users\ADMIN\Desktop\InvoicesPDF\”, “*.pdf”)

There was no error with “” but the moment i put in “.*pdf”, the same error pops!

try this

it is “*.pdf”
i have tried now im getting the output

That didn’t work either.

you get any exception?


Try thisMain.xaml (5.2 KB)

Same thing yet.

For me its working fine please checkMain.xaml (5.3 KB)

It worked for me too.
Thank you!

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Ok Click on solution icon and close

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