Read Multiple PDFs across Multiple Folder Locations

I’m currently trying to create a workflow that can read multiple PDFs across multiple folder locations. I am currently developing a workflow that can read multiple PDFs in a single folder location, but need to scale it to multiple folders. What sort of activities, workflows or potential arrays would I need to use to develop this workflow?

Hi @rzollicoffer

Basicaly what you need is a list of files which you want to read and create simple for each to read all of them.
To make a list of files you can create variable type DirectoryInfo, were you type root directory of your files ex. MainDirectory = New DirectoryInfo(“Some place on your PC”),
and the create another variable, which will be array of FileInfo ex. FileArr. If you will have both of them then just assign FileArr = MainDirectory.GetFiles().
Now you have array of file and you can use for each to iterate.

Clarifying question as I’m a little confused. I have built a For Each loop to read all PDFs in one folder. How to I expand this to multiple folders where PDFs are in each folder. Is it a For Each inside of a For Each?