Read all PDF files from folder

I have a process in which reading PDF document and writing it in the xlsx file. How I can substitute the PDF file to list PDF?

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Hello @Tesla,

Hope this could help you,there is an example of looping files in Library pane. Library pane shows a list of folders containing workflows. Any workflow from Library can be added to a workflow by dragging and dropping it into the designer workspace, just like any activity.

Take a look at this:



@Tesla I’ve just created a sample code for you and it’s almost same as @Susana has shared the info above.
Test_ReadPdfFiles.xaml (8.5 KB)



Thank you for much!!!:grinning:

thank you for the template, but i want to open each pdf file, inorder to extract(read) the invoice number, invoice receiver and the sum. It is only possible if i can open the each pdf files. I can open just one pdf with double click activity. Is there any other solution to open each pdf file ?

Hi @sjawadaf. For you case i have used OCR activity and were get data table. The next step is get need invoices from data table.

Wow! My mind is blown. I have been using UIPath for a while now (4-5 months) and I did not even know about the Snippet code examples. Thank you

Hi all,
can you help me, while i am doing extraction text from multiple PDF file, which are in same folder. but i am unable to do that. plz can any one share link for that.


@tiruraj89, Select the library which is beside activities panel and then snippets,In the Loops You find for each file in a folder, give your folder path.Use open application (or) start process and give your pdf reader.exe path and pass the pdf file argument which you extracted from for loop and change the selector to dynamic to execute multiple pdf’s.


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Thanks Sreekanth.

I am creating a folder by "sender_mail_address / mail_date " .
In Mail date subfolder I save the PDF attachment.
I want to read that PDF name.
Can you please give me suggestions?

See reply here:

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