Error when publishing


I am trying to publish development to orchestrator but I keep getting an error:

Error: Publish of Process project to Orchestrator failed. An error has occurred.

I’m connected to orchestrator and can’t see where the problem is.

Can anyone help?

Hi @Vicky_Fegan1

Check the following

  1. Use ‘whoami’ in command-prompt to get the username for the robot and pass your windows login password(if any)
  2. Use ‘hostname’ in command-promt to get your machine name
  3. Use any url - or
  4. Paste the machine key from Orchestrator>Machines tab > Details icon
  5. Disconnect from VPN (if any connected)

Have a look on it



Logout from the studio,Assistant and from cloud

Open Assistant and click on User Icon->Preferences->Sign in

This will work


Sometimes I also face this issue, Firstly is your device sync to onedrive?
otherwise usually restarting the uipath works for me.

If your device is sync to onedrive so what happens is that sometimes the project in background is getting sync and the same time when we try to publish it give this error. This is my own observation.

It’s connected via machine key so it’s not logged in on studio. Is this what’s affecting it?


It’s not sycned to onedrive. I’ve restarted uipath but it’s not working

You are using a Cloud Orchestrator or an On-Premise one?
Can you check if you can see more details about the encountered error in the Event Viewer logs? (Path is Start > Event viewer > Windows Logs > Application)

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