Publish Of Workflow Project To Orchestrator Failed. An Error Has Occurred - KB

How to resolve the error received during the Publish of workflow project to Orchestrator fails with error " An error has occurred.- Error from Studio while publishing a project" ?

There can be many reasons for this issue.

Issue #1: If Size of project folder is more than 30 MB
Solution: Kindly implement the suggested solution by referring the Increasing the Size Limit Of Package Files .

Issue #2: Junk/Corrupted files

  1. Close the UiPath studio, Navigate to the location of the project, delete the below and then try to publish again
  2. Delete all Autosaved xaml file
  3. Delete all test file.
  4. Delete all temp file (if found any)
  5. Now verify

Issue #3: Memory issues on Nuget server
  1. Verify the availability of the disk space in nuget server
  2. If it is in low in memory than clean it up its disk
  3. Memory being full, disables the possibility to publish the package.

Issue #4: Orchestrator Certificate issue
  1. Try disconnecting and reconnecting robot with Orchestrator. If it is not possible to connect Robot with a remote certificate error, then check if the certificate in Orchestrator expired
  2. Go to IIS --> Websites --> Bindings
  3. Update the certificate and reconnect robot with Orchestrator
  4. Should be able to publish to Orchestrator now.

Issue #5: Network issue
  1. Verify the network and check if the package is getting stuck/rejected at any node
  2. The request goes to the load-balance --> Then to Kubernetes --> Followed by Ingress. And there the limitation was set to 1 MB which was causing the issue.