Error when initializing the Python module

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I am trying out the Python Activities Package in Uipath and have implemented the short example from the UiPath documentation. It works out fine when I execute it on my lapton. However, when I start it from the Orchestrator in another VDI it shows me the error: “Error when initializing the Python module”.

I have tried executing the script from the command line within the VDI and it works out fine. So I suppose there is nothing wrong with the Python Installation on the VDI.

Anyone experienced the same thing and has a solution for it?

I have Python 3.9 installed on both systems.


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Check if the both python environments are same

like any modules are missing in the VDI environment

Hope this will help you


Hi @Vjola_Cl

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please check if below parameters are correct:

in Python Scope

  • path of pyton.exe is correct, in vdi if it is installed for one user path might change
  • target - if it is 32 or 64 bit architecture – python installed and the target need to be same
  • and version if it is any thing other than auto

hope this helps

Hi together,

thanks for the quick responses :slight_smile:

The 2nd suggestion from @AdityaVN actually worked out. Apparently the target was the problem.

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