UiPath getText error

Hi. I’m learning the UiPath Level 1 - Foundation Training & trying to add the event action Get Text. When I’m trying to assign the value to the variable, encountering below error.

Compilor error Encountered processing expression “Set Name: returnText”. Expression Expected.

Looks like there is some syntax error. Can someone help me with this?

Hi @gurpurvenkatesh,
May be your making mistake in variable assign or data Type.
Check with that.
else share your screen here.


  • U must be using wrong variable type assigned to the get text.

  • When u use get text it will return a string so the variable should be of type string or generic.

Thank you for reply. I did not declare any variable. I was trying to set a new variable in properties menu for Get Text action. Here is the screenshot.

Do let me know how can I fix this simple issue :slight_smile:

Hello there,
You can’t declare as set name then name of the variable.
Try this.

  • In expression editor just hit ctr+k and then give your variable name
  • you can create variable from variable panel and then pass it.
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