Error using get children and get attribute activity

Hi , I am trying to use a get children activity, and post that iterating it through a for each loop with get attribute activity to get the aa name however when I input target element within the get attribute activity as the get children variable , its throwing me an error "option disallows conversion from object to UIpath.core.element, can anyone help with this

You need to change the TypeArgument paramter of your For Each activity to UiPath.Core.Element.


Thank you so much @DanielMitchell, appreciate it!

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@DanielMitchell would you also know on how I can print all the children from the find children activity, so far if I use the write line, it does not print the output

That depends what you want to print. If you print just the item then it’ll be “UiPath.Core.UiElement” every time since that’s what the ToString function for that class outputs. If you want to print the selector you can log item.Selector.

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