UiElement/Find children DELTE PLS

So I need to open up a webpage and get all UiElements from the table. Then I need to loop thru em and do various things with them like clicks, get text and so on.
Right now I am stuck with “Find Children” which returns IEnumerable
then I try to use loop;

foreach item in children

GetText <- and in the element block I try to insert item.

but for some reason it doesnt let me because item is not UiElement. I tried to cast it as one altho it doesnt seem to work… Any ideas?

Have You checked that argument type for your ‘item’ in ‘for each’ loop has been changed to ‘Object’ type? To be most precise you can set that argument type to ‘UiPath.Core.UiElement’.

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Yup that was exactly the problem… :smiley: Now I cant get my childrens ID. aaname/parentid returns

name. :confused: ?
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Depends of what do you want to do with these attributes you can get them simply by using:
item.Get(“your attribute name”)

Additionaly if you want to know which attributes your item have, you can use ‘Get Attribute’ activity. More info here -> https://activities.uipath.com/docs/get-attribute

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