Disallows implicit convertion from object to uipath.core.uielement

Hi ,

I tried to find all ‘TR’ elements from a table using FindChildren activity. When I loop through the Uielement enumerable using for each row to use another ‘find children’ activity to get TD elements, It gives me an error that says “disallows implicit convertion from object to uipath.core.uielement”. I am using ‘item’ value ‘Element’ field.
Not sure if it is UiPATH studio vertion related issue and the similar downloaded example from forum not showing any error. Could you please help. Attached the error screenshot and xamlMain.xaml (8.0 KB)

Hi @murali38,
In for each activity change the type object to “uipath.core.uielement”



Thank You @arivu96

Double Thanks…I’ve been struggling with this for hours