Error:"The text you are trying to read might be too long"

Hi, guys!!
plz help me… :joy:

When I read a data in excel file and type into “UI Double”, this error is occured…!


what should I do?
I met this error many times… But I Can’t handling this…

Plz help me…

Partially is a know issue. can you please give more details? maybe the workflow and the file? (337.3 KB)

Thanks studioX… :sob:

Sorry for the late response.
Didn’t manage to reproduce.
Do you have Studio in english and Excel in another language? Or Windows Locale in another language than english?

Also in the posted above error I see a for each row activity but is not to be found in your attached flow, or does it reproduces with same error on the attached project?

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Also make sure you have this set to english and try again.
Also update to newly released 20.3 versionimage-1


Thank…! I will do this!!

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