Error showing activities options

today when I open my uipath project, the activities included in any workflow only show the name, no variables or properties.
only happens for certain activities and when I add them again, the options still do not appear.

any ideas?

Hi @yuraba

Is there an upgrade of studio recently?

Or did you upgrade the system activities if so try degrading


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It happens when you upgrade your version of UiPath studio and update your packages then try to update the activity as well.

Hi @yuraba

Can you share the screenshot of that activity?

You can try to Upgrade the package in Manage package and check it


thanks to all, as soon as I can I upload a screenshot, the uipath studio is the same version (10.1), but I have updated the System.activities from 10.1 to 10.3 and problem appear, and I have downgrade it again to 10.1 and it is still the same.

Hi @yuraba

Can you try to Downgrade the System.activities to 22.4.5