Error: Server License Expired

Hi All

I got a funny error server license expired, funny thing is:

When I open my uipath, I click Renew License, then a website pop-up, then I filled information inside, include my email and device id, which is copies paste from my studio device id, which is exactly what i have done before. Then I clicked the renew community license. Then come back to my studio, input my email and click activate, but still got error of server expired.

Never had this situation before. I have tried to restart my studio and restart my computer and change email, nothing helps, can anyone tell me what happened?





Please check below thread and follow the steps.

Error renewing community licence

Hi Thanks for advice, but i tried this, it turns out I dont have that license folder



Check one more UIpath folder is there and here. If it’s not found then try to connect this machine with orchestrator and check it.