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I’m having a problem when I try to read range of an Excel. I never had this type of error and I want to ask what can I do to solve it. The error is => Read Range: The column Material already belong to DataTable. What does it mean?
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Hi @ShadowZ ,

Mostly this error due to duplicate column names available in the excel. check any duplicate column names for the column name Material. if you have duplicate columns name in the excel read range will not allows us to read the data into data table. thanks.

in case of the excel header names cannot be renamed we can handle this by following

Find starter help here
FixDuplicatedColNames.xaml (10.2 KB)

we would read in the excel with NOT ticked option addHeaders and then rename the columns done with the approach from above

Okey, I understand where the problem is. Thanks

Finally thanks about what you give me and thinking about, I made a solution.

  1. First, I set the headers of read range in false.
  2. Then then interval of the read range in A2 to not read any header.
  3. To end, an append range with the info of the read range.

Works 100% and fast if you have a repeated value on the header.

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