Read Range: A column named '100' already belongs to this DataTable


when try to read range iam facing this error

even through there is no column name and i cant use for each row so
How to overcome this error if the column name cant change


please unmark Property Headers In read Range Actvity Properties

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@jai_kumar2 Reason is that we can’t create Two Columns with same name in DataTable
and you are using First line as a headers of Columns in DataTable.
Two avoid this read without headers-> Uncheck Headers property in Read Range Activity.

Hello @jai_kumar2
Here while reading the datatable as there is no column header it is taking 100 as the header name. So for a datatable it will not allow the same name. So in the read range activity, uncheck the IsHeader property.


@jai_kumar2 please mark solution and close thread so that others can also get help from it.

Have a look on the attached workflow, it will help you to read the whole datatable and make the columns unique.
GTM_ChangeColumnNames.xaml (25.6 KB)