Read CSV Error - Missing Method


I’m facing this error regarding the activity Read CSV:

Could someone help me? I already tried to reinstall both Excel and CSV Packages and it didn’t work. Besides that, I can’t think about any “plan B” to do the same function.

Thanks in forward.

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Hi @guisposito1,

Can you provide the xaml file?


Hi Hareesh,

Sorry, but I can’t. It contains some of my client information, therefore I cannot do this.

Which kind of information would help you to help me?


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It’s okay,

Can I have the screenshots of the activities you are using for opening the CSV files.


Actually, I already understood what happened.

The file is being extracted with the Excel layout but with the CSV format (.csv). That’s why the activity “Read CSV” is not working, the file layout isn’t compatible. My need now is to just change the format to Excel (.xlsx). There is no need to read the file.

Do you know any activity that I could just change its format?

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Actual process to convert CSV to excel is reading the CSV and storing in a data table and writing the same to the excel sheet

But i don’t have any idea how to convert directly. If you do the same process using FTP, there may be a chance of file corruption.