Error Publish to Orchestrator


I am trying to publish my firts project to my orchestrator but I am getting an error related to the entry access.

I do not use the C level folders route, but another one. If I publish from C: it works, but from the other one it doesnt work.

How can i publish from my route?

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Share screens if you are getting any error


This is the error message:



In the company we have all β€œLocal Disk C:” and other servers. By default, the projects of UiPath are saved in Local Disk, but for security resason I always save the projects in the servers. So, for the projects created in the server, it is not possible to publish in the orchestrator. But if I publish a project created in the Local Disk it works.


You have to make the workflow as Set as Main and try to publish

Hope this helps you


It worked! Many thanks! :slight_smile:

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