Error: Publish of Process project to Orchestrator failed. Package cannot be published to the shared feed

Hello ppl!

I have a problem on some of my projects in UiPath. Some of them can be succesfully published and some of them cannot.

The Error I get is this one:

Is it something wrong with my project or it may be a setting somewhere?

Thanks in advance!

Are you publishing the process to the Tenant? Or to another location?

Are you using an On-Premise Orchestrator?

Did you check the logs from Studio? But from Event Viewer logs?

Check the Orchestrator server and try to find out if there is enough free space available on the C drive. Perform some cleanup in order to free some space. After the cleanup, try to publish again.

Possible next steps to mitigate and also avoid this issue:

  • clean up more space on the C drive
  • increase the C drive disk
  • move the Orchestrator storage for packages and libraries to another disk
  • monitor the Orchestrator and SQL server resource usage in order to avoid issues like this.

For the Orchestrator storage location, please see below documentation link.

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Apparently my project was having the type of Template instead of Process and that is why I could not publish it to my orchestrator

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