Error:publish of process project to orchestrator folder. forbidden

error:publish of process project to orchestrator folder. forbidden

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The following thread might help you with this requirement:

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No i tried . But it not help me

Im the admin of orchestrator with full access to user . Having 5mb of project . Before UiPath version 2023.4.1 it is succesafully published but qhen it comes to 2023.4.2 im facing this issue


Can you try publishing to both Folder Feed or Tenant Feed and check if its giving same error at both places.

Also verify your permissions: under your user:

I tried with publiahing tenant feed , personal workspace feed nd also folder also… Publish and other access given to user. Still getting same error

Very strange,

Can you assign Automation User, Allow to be automation user roles to your user which you are using.

Are you using a custom Folder or through a personal workspace, i mean when you publish whats the folder you connected to ?

Custom folder which i created in orchestrator


Just to confirm…can you publish to local and check if it works

If it fails alternately please try publishing a dummy project and check

And if we open studio logs we can see the full error as well

<Installation Folder>\Studio.NLog


Hi @Kalyan1

Make sure that you have the required permissions to publish the process to the specific folder in Orchestrator. If you are trying to publish to a specific folder, ensure that you have the necessary access rights to that folder.