Error : Postman "An error has occurred."

Hi everyone,

When I do a Post request in Postman https://url/odata/Releases I receive an error
body :


  "Key": "string",

   "ProcessKey": "HelloBot",

  "ProcessVersion": "1.0.2",

  "IsLatestVersion": false,

  "IsProcessDeleted": true,

  "Name" :"hello"

Error that I receive: `{

"message": "An error has occurred.",

"errorCode": 0,

"resourceIds": null

}` Anyone could help me check if the body is correct or not or why am I receiving this kind of error?


My question is: `

I think its returns empty response from the request. Also possible of timeout connection, firewall issues.

With Get it works but with Post no.

I think While post, it sent data to the server. It means you need host and server config. I not sure about it. Kindly check your api

When I use this Body `{
“Key”: “string”,
“ProcessKey”: “HelloBot”,
“ProcessVersion”: “1.0.2”,
“IsLatestVersion”: false,
“IsProcessDeleted”: true,
“Description”: “string”,
“Name”: “test”,
“EnvironmentName”: “string”,
“Environment”: {
“Name”: “test”,
“Description”: “string”,
“Robots”: [
“LicenseKey”: “string”,
“MachineName”: “string”,
“MachineId”: 0,
“Name”: “”,
“Username”: “string”,
“ExternalName”: “string”,
“Description”: “string”,
“Type”: “NonProduction”,
“HostingType”: “Standard”,
“ProvisionType”: “Manual”,
“Password”: “string”,
“CredentialStoreId”: 0,
“UserId”: 0,
“Enabled”: true,
“CredentialType”: “Default”,
“Environments”: [
“RobotEnvironments”: “string”,
“ExecutionSettings”: {},
“IsExternalLicensed”: true,
“LimitConcurrentExecution”: true,
“Id”: 0
“Type”: “Dev”,
“Id”: 0
“OrganizationUnitId”: 219,
“ProcessSettings”: {
“ErrorRecordingEnabled”: true,
“Duration”: 0,
“Frequency”: 0,
“Quality”: 0,
“AutoStartProcess”: true,
“AlwaysRunning”: true
“CurrentVersion”: {
“ReleaseId”: 0,
“VersionNumber”: “1.011”,
“CreationTime”: “2022-09-07T15:20:43.777Z”,
“ReleaseName”: “string”,
“Id”: 0

I receive this kind of error{

"message": "release must not be null",

"errorCode": 0,

"resourceIds": null

} ` So I am trying to remove lines but always receiving different errors. The complete body is the one that I post now and I dont know why it says Null. I need the releaseID I think but dont know where to find it

@Xheni_Xhensila Umm… Some mandatory data was missing otherwise check the parameters passing tho the api. Be cause it can’t fetch the data from the source.