Postman HTTP Requests

I have built the request within Postman with API and all that is required. POST request returns expected data.

I have used both the HTTP request wizard and the manual method of setting up and it just says there is no data to return

{“isError”:false,“Status”:8,“Message”:“Either empty or no Form Data.”,“Result”:{}}

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Hey @robin1

There should be something missing from the configuration.


on Postman

Im passing no keys
Authoirsation as NoAuth
Headers Method=POST and ContextType=text/json
then passing Body
{“APIKey”: “xxx”,“Action”: “GetAllEmployeeDetail”,“IncludeLeavers”:“false”}

( i removed api key)

in HTTP request in uipath

Endpoint =
Body = {“APIKey”: “xxx”,“Action”: “GetAllEmployeeDetail”,“IncludeLeavers”:“false”}

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