Urgent: Http post not working


I’m trying to Post a Json:

“mode”: “formdata”,
“formdata”: [
“key”: “fichier”,
“description”: “rib”,
“type”: “file”,
“src”: “/C:/Users//OneDrive - myname/Desktop/folder1/folder2/Data/Output/file_name.pdf”
“key”: “metadonnees”,
“value”: “{\n "numen": "00A0009140MCA",\n "nature": "conges_et_absences/conge_de_maladie_ordinaire",\n "format": "numerique"\n}”,
“description”: “json”,
“type”: “text”

in postman it works fine, but with uipath i tryed to put this fragment in the body:

the following error appear:

“message”: “1{"erreurs":[{"detail":null,"id":"numen_vide","libelle":"Le champ NUMEN est obligatoire."},{"detail":null,"id":"nature_vide","libelle":"Le champ nature est obligatoire."},{"detail":null,"id":"format_vide","libelle":"Le champ format est obligatoire."}]}”,

i think that there is a specific syntaxe to use for json containing “formdata” ?!!

Hello @abdel

I think there is an extra “}” bracket in the json. Can please validate that.