Error out when using postman to get access token

Hi, I follow these two instruction to set up UiPath, I then use postman to try to get access token.

Setup (
UiPath Connector Guide

it error out Error - UiPath Identity

when I registered external app, it return App ID and App Secret. I use them as client_id and client_secret.

what did I miss?

Are you sure that you created an external application for Application Type?

Hello Marian,
yes I created as “Confidential application”.
Thank you!

Can you provide some screenshots of the external application and the steps in Postman that replicated the behavior?

Hi Marian, please see attached pdf:

Get uipath access token using postman.pdf (235.1 KB)

If you are using Postman as an end user

When registering your External Application, you can setup as you have, but also provide the Redirect URL as describe in UiPath Connector Guide

Postman Desktop Client
Postman Web Client

Note the Authorize using browser checkbox

Thank you @codemonkee

I follow the instrucion:

in postman, I check checkbox “authorize using browser”
in uipath → external application → I also set redirect url = “”, previously it’s “

still error out.
An unknown error has occurred. (#200)

Thank you!

Are you using Postman Web Client or Postman Desktop Client?