How to get a new access token to connect Postman and Orchestrator

I would like to follow the latest documentation to get a new access token to connect Postman and Orechestrator. But even if I follow different guides on youtube I can not make it run. Is there anyone who could provide seven screenshots of the needed tabs in Postman?

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Check on this thread it might be helps


Dear @lrtetala, thank you very much for your help. I really tried my best but the posted guide seems to be old. The latest version of postman documentation starts with " Click on the right upper corner of this page Run in Postman" and provides the request “UiPath Add-ins Guide” right in postman. And also Orchestrator seems to be different because when I click Preferences/Privacy & security/View API Access is says “Please use the new OAuth feature to register applications.”

Is there anyone who could provide a detailed guide with screenshots (e.g. where do you copy and paste which key and URLs) instead of the official documentation, which is a bit to complicate for me :roll_eyes:

Dear all, after a lot of reading and trail and error I figured it out myself. Here is my solution:

  1. Go to Orchestrator Admin/External Applications and click “Add Application”.

Click “Add”. You will get you keys, copy them, you will not have any chance to restore them.

  1. Do it like my screenshot:

That’s it. The token will be saved as “Token name”. If you want to do an API-Call like GET you need to go to “Authorization” and choose the token.

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